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Onsite First Aid Kit Restocking

Our on-site service is convenient, cost effective and tailored to your needs. Our expertise enables us to use our best judgement to balance the requirements of planning for a catastrophic event while minimising the costs to your business where we can. 

We can remove all damaged, soiled or expired stock from site, and replace with new stock and ensure you have all you need in case of an emergency or slight misshap.  This can be a huge relief for nominated Health and Safety Officers within the workplace, as we are well aware of the requirements,  we deal with them often and can complete this duty quickly and efficiently.

You can trust us to ensure your first aid equipment is up-to-date, regularly serviced, appropriate for the work you do, and meets the compliance requirements of the Health & Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 for first aid facilities. 

Range of options

Depending on your location we are able to offer monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual servicing to most of the areas we currently service. Other frequencies can be negotiated on request. We are also able to fulfill online orders for the rest of New Zealand and offer phone advice where appropriate. 

Suggested Minimum Contents For a Workplace First Aid Kit

Here is a link to Worksafe which has guidelines for workplace first aid kit requirements


First Aid Kits

You must provide at least one first aid kit for each workplace and ensure workers know where it is.

Kits should contain basic equipment for attending to injuries, such as:

  • cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters
  • soft tissue sprains and strains
  • minor burns
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries, and
  • shock.

What you put in the kit should be based on the particular risks of the work carried out at your workplace. For example, there is likely to be a higher risk of eye injuries and a need for eye pads if your workers:

  • handle chemical liquids or powders in open containers
  • carry out spraying, hosing or abrasive blasting
  • are at risk of particles flying into their eyes
  • are at risk of being splashed or sprayed with infectious materials, or
  • carry out welding, cutting or machining operations.

Remote Workers

If you have workers in remote or isolated locations, you must provide them with a basic first aid kit as well as extra first aid equipment if required.